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Jenison, MI

The professional you need on your side for Jenison party rentals is Statewide Party Rentals. Our crew of experts will partner with you to professionally design and implement the perfect environment for your event.

You can feel good knowing we have everything that you need for your event available for rent at prices that work with your budget. There are two types of people: those who love party planning and those who don’t. The great news is that we cater to both kinds of clients! We’ll be there to handle all the details for your Jenison area event, or let you take care of it all and just show up to deliver your tent or lighting.

Advantages of Tent Rentals

Jenison locals know that the weather can be unpredictable during certain times of the year, at best. It just makes for good party planning to go ahead and secure a tent and make the day more enjoyable for all of your party guests.

Tent rentals are a perfect solution because:

  • The most obvious reason for tent coverage is protection from the weather and the elements. Even the most perfect day comes with strong direct sunlight. This helps protect your guests from whatever conditions the big day brings.
  • Help create a more intimate feel by directing your guests to a certain location. Having a beautiful, expansive yard makes for a pleasant backdrop but also makes it difficult to get your guests to mingle. Adding a tented area directs your party goers to a certain space and encourages more socializing.
  • Knowing you’ll have coverage means you have less stress and more peace of mind because you won’t have to check the weather every hour during the week leading up to the event. Even if it’s going to get cooler, you can add tent heaters and really make it a comfortable space for your guests.

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Why Add Inflatable Amusements?

Whether you add an inflatable water slide to cool off in the summer of a standard bouncy house, adding this type of amusement feature to your event can be quite beneficial. And it doesn’t even have to be a children’s event!

  • Entertainment
  • Cool Off
  • Distraction While Setting Up
  • Promotes Social Interaction
  • Safe Play Area for Kids

Give the children something to do. Whether it’s a kid’s birthday party or a gathering for grownups, it always goes smoother if the little ones are entertained.

You’ll be amazed at how minimal the investment is for the options we have, especially when compared to the return on investment. For this and all of your event details, call us now to take care of your Jenison party rentals.

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