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Plan Your Party With This Easy Checklist

Plan Your Party With This Easy Checklist

Party planning, no matter how casual it is, can start to become very stressful. Our professionals can help you plan an event in Ludington of any size, and we have all of the rentals that you’ll need available. And here is a simple checklist you can use to make sure that you can plan your party easily and keep the process moving smoothly.

Three Weeks Before

This is your initial party planning time, and it’s the best time to get the most basic things out of the way:

  • Make your invitation list.
  • Decide on a theme (if you’d like one).
  • Send out invitations, whether by mail, email, or phone.
  • Plan the menu. Get the recipes together, trying to choose only foods that can be prepared in advance. Make a list of how far in advance each can be prepares, and get a shopping list together. Place any orders that you need to with delis and bakeries.
  • Line up any help you need. Whether it’s from friends, family, professionals, or local high school students looking for extra work, find any helpers you’ll need for your party and get them on board.

Two Weeks Before

  • Start cleaning any crystal, china, or silverware you’ll be using. Launder any linens you’ll need at this time as well.
  • Do your first round of grocery shopping and cooking.
  • Start to make a playlist!

One Week Before

  • If you’re hosting the party at your house, now is the time to start cleaning it.
  • Take inventory of the cookware and dishes that you have. Either rent or purchase any that you’ll need for your party.
  • Stock the bar. Plan on needing three bottles of wine for every four people and three to four cocktails per guest.

Three Days Before

  • Notify the neighbors.
  • Decorate!
  • Specify a place for coats.
  • Finish your grocery shopping and cooking.

One Day Before

  • Set the tables, or set up your buffet.
  • Buy and arrange flowers.
  • Finish as much of the cooking as you can.
  • Give your house a quick once-over and tidy up anything you can.

Day of the Party

  • Finish any last minute cooking.
  • One or two hours before the guests arrive, set out appetizers and snacks that won’t spoil. Wrap them tightly, and don’t tear off the wrapping until your first guests arrive.
  • Greet the guests as they arrive, then mingle. If everything’s been organized and planned properly, you should feel free to mingle with your guests, and not need to be tied up in the kitchen all night.

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