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Top Tips For Outdoor Party Planning This Summer

Top Tips For Outdoor Party Planning This Summer

No matter the season or the weather, it is important to plan an outdoor function accordingly. You want your guests to enjoy themselves, and you should also be able to have a good time. The basics are to keep everyone’s comfort level in mind. Remember that the Ludington summer heat can play a factor or that the weather can turn on a dime and plan with these factors in mind.

  • Make sure that your guests have a comfortable place to sit. This is especially important for anyone with a medical condition or of an advanced age. Plus, if your event will run for any length of time, make sure you have cushions for those seats so your guests can get some relief.
  • Define the space designated as the outdoor room. A great way to do this is with shade, things like umbrellas and tents. This helps keep things cooler and also shows guests the general vicinity of where they should be. It doesn’t mean they can’t still wander away but helps show the area most of the activity will be in.
  • Know your weather for that day and make it work for you. Use items to help hold tablecloths down for windy days. Switch from umbrellas to tents if rain is in the forecast. The only thing that would make it necessary to cancel completely would be lightning or torrential downpours.
  • Get your guests mingling by setting up tables or stations in different areas. In other words, put the drinks in one area and desserts in another. That way people keep moving, mingling and meeting new people.

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