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Lighting for Your Outdoor Wedding

Lighting For Your Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings can pose numerous problems, and couples take risks by exposing themselves to the various elements, such as heat, cold, and rain. As the sun sets, couples are faced with another dilemma: lighting. However, lighting can be something that couples plan to perfection with the help of party rentals. Lighting rentals allow couples to choose the right type of lighting for their outdoor Muskegon wedding while representing their style and creating the appropriate ambiance.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Wedding

  • Illuminated Trees – If your wedding’s venue has trees on the property, wrapping the trees in lights is an excellent way to incorporate natural elements into your ceremony or reception. Consider surrounding trees with strands of string lighting. Smaller bulbs are usually preferred for tree wrapping, so ask your party rentals service for 5 mm wide angle conical bulbs.
  • Colorful Glow – To elevate your celebration, opt for some color washing. People use color wash lighting to add a layer of colored light that creates a certain atmosphere. Pink and purple lights tend to flatter skin tones, so a color wash in these colors could be excellent for photography. The color wash lighting can also be made to increase and decrease in intensity according to the various activities throughout the night.
  • Twinkling Canopy – A twinkling string of lights draped from the canopy of a tent adds a sense of warmth and romance to your outdoor wedding after the sun sets. Twinkle lights arranged at the top of the canopy resemble a starry night and provide the perfect amount of soft light.

Lighting is one of the most important party rentals because photography quality suffers without it. The type and color of the lights you choose determine the mood of your wedding, so picking the right lighting requires careful thought. Whether you are considering color wash, pin spot, LED, or string lighting, a Muskegon party rentals service like Statewide Party Rentals can help you achieve the exact appearance and atmosphere you desire for your wedding.

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